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Monday, 5 April 2010

Write a story with title “A true friend”

Topic: Write a story with title “A true friend”

1. Describe how you regained consciousness in hospital and tried to figure out what had happened.
2. Describe briefly the background of your friendship with Tuan Anh.
3. Describe in detail how you felt envious of your friend and pushed him roughly.
4. Describe how you found out that your friend had saved you.
5. Describe how you felt after the incident.

“What happened?” I could hear myself asking this question over and over again. As I slowly regained consciousness, I found myself in hospital. The past flashed through my mind. I realized with horror what must have happened.

Tuan Anh and I are the best of friends who have lived in the same neighborhood for fourteen years. In school, we have always joined the same sport-cross-country. The two of us never fail to jog every morning in the park. We especially like jogging along the path by the big river.

One fine morning, we went jogging by the river as usual. We were jogging slowly as we talked about the coming interschool cross-country competition. I said, “Phuc is bound to be one of the two chosen to represent our school. I wonder which one of us will be the other lucky person.”

Tuan Anh suddenly stopped jogging and looked uncomfortable. His voice faltered as he spoke: “Khang, I don’t want to keep it from you any longer. Mr. Lim has already told me that Phuc and I were chosen.”

My face dropped. All my wild dreams of being the inter-school cross-country champion were shattered. If only I had practiced more often, if only they wanted three to represent the school, if only… if only Tuan Anh were not such a good runner.

I was so overwhelmed with disappointment that when Tuan Anh came over to comfort me, I pushed him away roughly. He lost his balance and grabbed at me for support. We screamed as we both fell into the river. The next thing I remember was being in hospital. Friends and relatives who came to visit me later told me what they knew. Tuan Anh had saved me, risking his own life as he was not a strong swimmer. His knees were injured while to trying save me.

I felt exceedingly ashamed of myself. I had put Tuan Anh’s life in danger through my unreasonable, childish behavior. Yet, he had saved me. As a result of his knee injury, Tuan Anh would not be able to represent the school in the cross-country race. This made me feel worse than ever. I have, since that incident, resolved to make it all up to him in whatever way I can. I will try my best to be a true friend to him as he has been to me.

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