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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Describe an interesting bus ride.

Topic: Describe an interesting bus ride.

1. Describe the passengers you saw on the bus.
2. Describe an interesting incident that occurred on the bus.
3. Describe how you feel about bus rides in general.

Taking bus service 600 has become second nature to me. Often, I have to struggle to keep awake during the tedious ride, but I usually fall into an uncomfortable snooze in spite of my efforts.

There are many regular passengers using bus service 600. They include factory workers clad in denim and T-shirts working in the first shift, starchy white uniformed nurses from Mount Everest Hospital, laborers ready for a long, tiring day at the construction site, and others from all walks of life, rushing to work.

Last Thursday, the journey started off as usual. My neighbor and classmate, Chris, was sitting next to me. Half-way through the journey, we noticed a man with thin lips and roving eyes in the midst of the crowd in the bus. The man was acting rather suspiciously. Being on a slightly elevated seat, we were at advantage point with a clear view of the whole bus.

Watching this man carefully, we caught him deftly talking a purse from a nurse’s handbag. For a moment, Chris and I were stunned. A theft had just taken place right before our eyes! While I watched the pickpocket carefully, Chris went to inform the bus driver. Just as Chris was speaking to the bus driver, the thief pressed the buzzer to alight. Immediately, I pushed and shoved to get to the pickpocket. Chris also rushed towards him, and we pounced on the man at the same time. The bus driver, who stopped the bus, also joined in the struggle.

While all this was happening, someone called the police. Just as we managed to subdue the man, the police arrived and arrested him. The nurse’s purse was retrieved from the man’s pocket and the nurse was profuse in her thanks to us.

The police took down our names, addresses and statements and reminded us that we would be required to testify in court against this man. Apparently, he had a criminal record and was wanted by the police for a host of offences.

Ever since then, I have begun to enjoy bus rides. In fact, I look forward to a possible recurrence of last Thursday’s events.

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