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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Describe your hobbies

Topic: Describe your hobbies

1. Name the difference hobbies you have.
2. Describe each in detail.
3. Describe how each hobby gives you joy.

Being an extrovert, my interests are many and varied. Recently, I have become determined to be one hundred percent fit. As a result of this, I have seriously started jogging and swimming. I enjoy jogging at McRitchie Reservoir. It gives me a sense of freedom and achievement.

To break the monotony of jogging, I have taken up swimming as well. I am taking lessons from a coach in the public pool near my flat. I enjoy this sport very much. The coach is pleased with my progress and has signed me on for a life-saver’s course. Another of my hobbies is rearranging the furniture in my house, especially in my bedroom. I like to change the position of my bed, wardrobe and study table. My parents get exasperated with me about these changes, but I find that these changes help me examine things in different perspectives. Besides, I also enjoy the freshness of the new appreciatively.

Yet another of my pastimes is to compose music which I would then play on the piano. I feel proud whenever I hear my own compositions being played by my brother or sister. Last month, I even played one of my pieces at my school concert. It made me feel like Mozart when the audience applauded loudly.

All these hobbies have taught me a lot of things. I can’t imagine life without any hobbies. To me, a person’s hobbies determine the kind of person he or she is. A person without any hobbies would, in my opinion, be a very dull person.

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