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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Describe an accident where you were an eye-witness.

Topic: Describe an accident where you were an eye-witness.

1. Describe where the accident took place.
2. Describe what you saw.
3. Describe how you tried to help.
4. Describe how the firemen came to help.
5. Briefly explain why accident happened.

Last Wednesday, my mother wanted me to take some documents to my father at his office in a warehouse.

I took a bus there and went into the warehouse. The scene at the warehouse was familiar. The huge trucks carrying the containers from the shipyard were queuing up to unload their goods. Wholesalers and retailers were in another corner collecting their consignments.

As I walked towards Father’s office, I heard a loud explosion just about forty meters from me. The ground gave a slight tremor and a gust of hot air came rushing out from that direction. I could see fire bursting out of a container. For a while, I was too stunned to move. When I recovered, I sprinted towards the container to see if I could help. Two workers near the container were struggling to extinguish the fire with their clothes. Thinking quickly, I used the sacks on the ground to beat out the fire. The workers saw what I was doing and followed suit.

One of the workers suddenly pointed to a corner of the burnt container. To our horror, we saw a worker lying there. At this moment, the fire brigade arrived. The injured worker was sent to hospital immediately.

A crowd had gathered by then. The efficiency of the firemen was impressive. The fire was extinguished within half an hour. The container had melted and was as black as charcoal.

Upon investigation, the police found some explosives in the container. The workers had triggered the explosives when they lifted the carton. Father told me that several threats had been made on these shipments. However, nobody had taken serious notice of these threats. As I was an eye–witness to the accident, the police took a statement from me. They also told me that I would be required to give evidence during the court hearing. The whole incident was indeed an adventure for me.

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