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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Describe your pet

Topic: Describe your pet

1. Describe how you got your pet.
2. Describe the things that you do with your pet.
3. Describe an incident when you were proud of your pet.

As my twelfth birthday approached, I gave my father many hints on the types of presents I would like to have. I told him a television for my bedroom would be a good idea or even my own telephone. However, the present I received was beyond my wildest dreams. It was Cun, my now two-year-old faithful golden retriever.

With all the expensive dog food he eats, Cun has grown to quite a size. Cun greets strangers with growls and deep menacing barks. With family members and close friends, he is both gentle and friendly.

Since he joined us as a puppy, Cun has learnt quite a few tricks. He can shake hands, sit, and fetch things that I tell him to. Every morning, Cun wakes me up by smothering me with wet licks. He is my constant companion, whether I am jogging, cycling, watching television or sleeping.

During the last holidays, some of my classmates, Cun and I spent a day at the beach. We spent a day at the beach. We spent the day swimming and playing volleyball on the beach till it was time for dinner. One of the boys, Long, wanted to continue swimming so we left him in the sea with Cun.

After a while, we heard Cun barking furiously in the distance. With pounding hearts, we sprinted to the beach to find Long struggling in the sea.

Fortunately, we managed to save Long in the nick of time. I was very proud of Cun. But for him, Long would most certainly have drowned.

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