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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Narrate an embarrassing incident in your life

Topic: Narrate an embarrassing incident in your life

1. Describe how your friend and you saw a handsome boy reading an article in a bookshop on how to date girls.
2. Describe what your friend and you thought when the boy approached you.
3. Describe what the boy said and did and how you reacted.
4. Describe how you found out that the boy was merely trying to tell you that you had forgotten to zip up your jeans.
5. Briefly conclude how you felt.

Whenever my best friend, Susan, says “it’s to your benefit,” I will blush. Both of us will never forget the embarrassing but amusing incident that happened last month.

Susan and I were browsing through some magazines at a bookshop. A short distance away was a handsome boy. He seemed to be engrossed in a magazine. As Susan walked past him to get a magazine, she saw the article that he was reading. When she came back to my side, she whispered, “Guess what, that handsome boy over there is reading an article on how to date girls.”

I chuckled with amusement and the boy looked up. We immediately bent our heads over a magazine and pretended to be laughing at a picture there. Instead of returning to the interesting article in his magazine, the boy took out a piece of paper and pencil and scribbled something on the paper. We almost burst out with laughter, thinking that he was taking down notes on how to date girls.

Out of the corner of our eyes, we saw the boy approaching us with the piece of paper. Susan nudged me and whispered, “He’s going to apply what he has just read.”

The boy came right up to us. Holding out the folded piece of paper, he said awkwardly to me, “Please… read this.”

Susan gave me a knowing look. I put my hands behind my back and shook my head. The poor boy turned red in the face. He tried to press the paper into my hand and said, “Please take it. It’s… it’s to your benefit.”

So saying, the boy walked away quickly. Susan took the piece of paper from my hands and read it to me: “Miss, you have forgotten to zip up your jeans!”

Both of us looked at my jeans at once. Sure enough, what he had written was true. I blushed and hastily zipped my jeans. What an embarrassing incident it was.

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