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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Describe your dream house

Topic: Describe your dream house

1. Describe where you would like your dram house to be situated and why.
2. Describe in detail how would like the interior of the house to be decorated.
3. Describe what you think is most important in an ideal house.

“It’s five-thirty in the morning!” I thought with irritation. It was the third time this week that I was awakened by the screeching brakes of halting buses. Trying to go back to sleep, I thought of what was, in my estimation, the perfect home. This house would be on top of a hill. It would have a scenic view of the sea dotted with sailing boats, windsurfers and ships. Being miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city, only the twittering of the birds and the chirping of the insects would greet me every morning. The air would be fresh and crisp. The house would have four bedrooms in the upper-level. Everyone in the family could have a room of his or her own. My room would overlook the large garden which would be abundant with all kinds of fruit trees and exotic shrubs. My room itself would be as pretty as the garden, being decorated in shades of green, beige and peach.

The whole house would be functional and yet very appealing to the eyes. The living-room on the ground floor would be the room used most often. Here the family would watch television programs, listen to jazz music and entertain friends. The kitchen, being roomy and bright, would be the pride of my mother. The cabinets of pastel colors and the tiled floor would be kept shiny and spotless. The living and dining rooms would be filled with beautiful antique furniture. Dried flower in vases and ornaments would be arranged to provide a cozy atmosphere. The dining table of mahogany would be able to seat eight people comfortably. Lovely paintings on the wall would blend perfectly with d├ęcor of the rooms.

Until this dram house materialized, I shall try to remain content in our flat. Although our little flat is lacking in beauty and silence, it is abundant in warmth, love and comfort.

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