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Monday, 26 April 2010

Describe the duties of a prefect

Topic: Describe the duties of a prefect

1. Describe briefly how teachers choose students to be prefects.
2. Describe how the prefect has to maintain discipline and in doing so, lightens the load of the teachers.
3. Describe the importance of prefects in any school events.
4. Describe how prefects from the link between teachers and their fellow students.
5. Briefly conclude that it is a fulfilling experience to be a prefect.

Prefects are chosen by teachers because of their character and their leadership qualities. If a student is responsible, industrious, firm and is relatively good in his studies, he should make a good prefect. Though being a prefect is prestigious, the title comes with a lot of duties and responsibilities.

First, the prefect has to maintain discipline in whatever class he is assigned to. He has to be firm, but kind, so that the other students will learn to respect him and cooperate with him. He has to make sure that students are not late for school, and if they are, to report them. He should be fair and never be biased in favor of his special friends.

Without any prefects, the teachers would be over-worked as a result of having to maintain discipline in addition to their teaching duties. Prefects are also very important during any special school event. For instance, when there is a fun-fair, prefects have a lot of duties to perform. They have to welcome the visitors, make sure that little children do not get lost and be always ready assist to the teachers.

A prefect is an important link between the teachers and the students. There may be rules that the students do not think reasonable. Prefects will be briefed on the rules first, and being students themselves, they can voice their opinions to the teachers. Furthermore, students in general would rather approach their fellow students, who are prefects, than their teachers. All in all, the duties of prefects are many. Yet, it is a fulfilling experience to be a prefect.


  1. The network for prefects to connect with other prefects in local, national and international schools: http://www.iospp.org