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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Small family rather than a large one

Topic: “It is better to have a small family rather than a large one.” Do you agree?

1. Describe how your family now, and your mother’s family when she was young differ in size.
2. Describe the advantages of a big family.
- The presence of elderly people gives the younger members a sense of security and comfort.
- There are many playmates.
- Working members can pool their financial resources.
3. Describe the disadvantages of a big family.
- There is little privacy.
- There could be a lot of quarrels.
4. Describe the advantages of a small family.
- The members are closer to one another.
- It is more practical in Ho Chi Minh City where people mainly live in flats.
5. Briefly conclude that you think that having a big family is more fulfilling.

There are only four members in my family now. My mother said that in her family, there were altogether a dozen children in addition to her parents and grandparents who also lived with them.

In a large family, the presence of elderly people would definitely give the young members a sense of security and comfort. The older members could also be a source of guidance to them. Life in a big family can e fun as one would be able to find a lot of playmates among one’s brothers, sisters and even cousins.

Furthermore, all the working members in a family can pool their financial resources. During time of financial crisis, there would be a number of people to rely on to pull through those difficult times.

However, a large family cannot offer the privacy that the members of a small family would enjoy. First of all, the house itself would tend to be quite noisy and crowded. There would be a greater tendency for family feuds. Grandparents and parents, for instance, may have different ideas about the way children should be brought up. The children too may be divided in their loyalty to their different elders.

By way of contrast, the members of a small family may be more closely-knit. It would also be easier for parents to set consistent rules for their children. Doing things together as a family would also be simpler.

In Ho Chi Minh City, it is more practical to have smaller families. This is because of the acute shortage of land. Hence, we live in apartments which can only house small families comfortably.

In conclusion, I feel that there are both advantages and disadvantages to having either a small family or a large one. However, I feel that having a big family would be more fulfilling despite the problems that may arise.

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